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  • Randomly If You are Selected as One Day CEO, Your Profile will be Displayed on Our Website as "Our Beloved CEO" with Photo, Name, Place, District, State and Your Payment Figure - because, As a bonus You will get Paid 1% Income of that Particular Day Business of Empty Pages Pvt. Ltd.

On that day You take Charge as CEO at 10:00 Am and You leave by 05:00 Pm - (Limited Access and Power will be given to You as Per Company Norms)

Responsibilities : If you got selected as One Day CEO, Our Team will get in touch with you and explain.



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"One Day CEO" Status

Depends on Your luck You may become One Day CEO of Empty Pages.

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As a Respect, We Display Your Picture, Name, Details & Official Social Links.

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You will be Paid 1% Income of that Particular Day Business of Empty Pages.

Payments in INR

If Particular Day Income 1% Pay to One Day Ceo
Zero (0) Zero (0)
Hundred (100) One Ruppe (1)
One Thousand (1000) Ten Rupees (10)
Ten Thousand (10,000) One Hundred (100)
One Lakh (1,00,000) One Thousand (1000)
Ten Lakhs (10,00,000) Ten Thousand (10,000)
One Crore (1,00,00,000) One Lakh (1,00,000)
Ten Crores (10,00,00,000) Ten Lakhs (10,00,000)


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One Day CEO

One Day CEO

Here is Our Beloved CEO of the Day

Venu Gopal

Chief Executive Officer

6'Feet Tall Macho-Man from Gudivada, Krishna (Dst), Andhra Pradesh, India, 521301.

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Price by Time Price in (INR)
July & August (2024) ₹ 100.00
September & October (2024) ₹ 200.00
November & December (2024) ₹ 400.00
January & Febraury (2025) ₹ 800.00
March & April (2025) ₹ 1000.00
May & June (2025) ₹ 1200.00
Registration Fees — May Increase at Anytime.
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